04 Apr Creation Lab

When I create things, I think about Genesis 1 and this is why…


Right now we are reading Genesis 1-3 in our bible study class called “Life Track.” Especially in Genesis 1, God starts his story with the creation! God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light! Then He said, “Let there be water.” and there is water! Again He said, “Let there be Land.” and there is land!

When I read this part of the bible, as an artist, I can imagine and feel the excitement the Lord must of had while he was creating!

When I create things, things are exciting!! To see how things unravel as you go! For things to slowly come In place as it creates it self…I love it! Every time my heart if full of wonder and joy! Then in the end God decides to make man in his own image. He gathers up the dust of the ground, makes it in a shape of a man and then gently blows in his breath…his life in the dust. (This is all Maya interpretation. Just so you know.)


The the dust comes to life! It becomes a man! And he stands before the Lord and smiles… “My creation is done.” The Lord sighs in contentment when he saw the man come to life. As an artist, you know when your painting or when your art is done. You know when there is nothing more to add and your heart just settles and says “I am satisfied with what I have created.” I want you all to notice something. In the Bible, while God was creating things, He said everything he made was good. But when God created man he said it was very good!

You are the final touch of God’s masterpiece! Your presence brought completion to His painting! Without you the painting, the masterpiece will only be a good and not very good!

You matter! He loves you! And he sure had fun creating you! You are wonderfully and beautifully made! Don’t forget!


Maya Mastuda – YWAM Tokyo

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